Nick’s – Fisherman’s Wharf

Oops, it looks like I took a bit of a vacation…. I’m sorry… I was just trying to get caught up at home, and then I realized the futility of that and decided to just get back to writing. What my mother always said is true: a woman’s work is never done haha (she just loved cliches, I think I could write a book about all her little sayings). Anyway, I don’t think I’ll ever be caught up completely, but a girl can hope. 

This last time we were up at Stanford for my June appointment, the Dodgers were also in the bay area playing the Giants. We made a nice weekend of it and spent the night in San Francisco. We stayed at a super hip hotel, Hotel Zoe in the Fishermans Wharf area, I definitely recommend this little hotel. It was cute and modern, and the price was very reasonable considering the location.  

It was a 1:00 game, and I think it was the hottest weekend in the history of San Francisco ever. I enjoy summer, and you won’t usually hear me complaining about the heat, but it was pretty darn hot at that game. It was fun though, and the Dodgers won, so we were happy fans. I should mention that I’m married to a ‘Super Dodger fan’, C wore his Dodger Jersey and Dodger baseball cap proudly all around San Francisco, it made for some great conversations. After the game we headed to 21st Amendment for some refreshments….the problem was – everyone else that had been at the game was  thinking the same thing. So…. We went exploring. And ended up at Nicks Lighthouse. It’s in the heart of the Fishermans Wharf area, tucked in behind the street vendors selling chowder in bread bowls and crab sandwiches. It’s almost a sensory overload, with all the sights and sounds and smells all around, especially on an extra warm Sunday afternoon in the City by the Bay. Judging by the architecture and quaint styling of the little restaurant, this place has been in business since WWII, maybe longer. 

All the good stuff.

We started off with an appetizer, shrimp cocktail, which was very refreshing, and a little cup of clam chowder (that’s just a must when you’re near the ocean). For the main course I ordered a Caesar salad with shrimp, and C had the deep fried sample platter with a little bit of everything. We shared each others plates, and all of it was pretty delicious.

For desert we took a little walk down to Ben and Jerry’s, because you can’t beat ice cream on a hot day, and even though I try really hard not to eat sugary foods, I felt like it was a good day for a cheat meal. My favorite is chocolate ice cream with peanut butter, and lucky me, they had it, and it wasn’t all melty like it sometimes is at the local ice cream place. I don’t remember what C had, but it was in a waffle cone, and I know he enjoyed the heck out of that.

We don’t have to return to Stanford until the beginning of July, and I’m enjoying the much needed rest at home. So, until next time….

The cancer update

This was the last week of so many weeks in a row at Stanford. After this appointment I don’t have to return for 4 weeks! I’m really looking forward to spending Sundays at home, not packing up and heading for Palo Alto. 

This last appointment went really well. We got the confirmation once again that the PET scan is clear, which is to say that none of the concerning lymph nodes were lighting up on the PET test. THAT’S really great news! I could feel it in my body, the weird aches and pains in my hands and wrists I’d had since the middle of January were completely gone, as is the pesky rash. Hallelujah, praise the Lord!

Now we are moving forward with the current treatment for two more months, and then we will start to prepare for the bone marrow transplant. The Dr.s are trying to get me into a clinical trial for the transplant as well, and I’ll be having immunotherapy and radiation for treatment during the transplant. In other words: no more chemotherapy (I really hope they don’t change their minds on this) This makes me so happy! Even though I didn’t experience much of the side effects from chemo, I don’t want to lose my hair again, or feel so tired and weak again. Let me just say, I prefer immunotherapy to chemo. 

Superfan, he sort of stole the show lol.
More bloodwork

To be continued…..

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