Celia’s Mexican Restaurant.

This week we celebrated Memorial Day in Palo Alto at a sweet little Mexican restaurant called Celia’s. It’s on the main drag – you guessed it – El Camino Real in Palo Alto. Have I mentioned that I have zero self control once I enter any Mexican restaurant? Oh my goodness, I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt so full! Yikes. The food was that good people. 

It’s so cute here.

It being a holiday, I ordered a Corona, and C ordered an IPA, which just so happened to be from the 21st Amendment Brewery in San Francisco, where we had had such a great dinner a couple of weeks ago. We ordered Ceviche (they served it with guacamole – yum!) and mini Chimichangas for our appetizer in addition to the standard tortilla chips and salsa you get at most Mexican restaurants. We had skipped lunch, so we were pretty hungry and – well, we demolished those poor little appetizers. Yummmmm!!! Seriously. 

Chile Verde

For the main course I had a Chile Relleno, with a red meat sauce poured over it. Oh my goodness – I was actually already full from the ceviche by the time my dinner came, but it was so good I ate all of it anyway. The only thing I would have done differently is order the chili Relleno without the meat sauce, just the plain Relleno with cheese please. And rice and beans of course. C had the chili Verde with rice and beans, he’s on a mission to try Chili Verde at every Mexican restaurant we visit. I’m pretty sure he mentioned being full by the time his main dish was served as well, but I’m not really sure, because I was too busy stuffing my face with the cheesy yumminess from my plate. 

Chile Relleno

There was no room for desert. Nope, no room whatsoever, but dinner was delicious, and we will be coming back to this charming little restaurant. 

Thank you Celia. 

Bonus Review – The Fruit stands all along Pacheco Pass

The cutest fruit stand.

I love these little fruit stands, they’re adorable. The fruit is just amazing! It’s like a farmers market all along the Pacheco pass between Casa de Fruta and the 101 in Gilroy. I’m seriously spoiled now. The strawberries, and the cherries are the plumpest, juiciest, sweetest I’ve ever had. According to all the fruit stand owners this is kind of an ‘off’ year because of the colder, wetter weather.  I’m not complaining, everything is still delicious – and being a farmers daughter I have this mantra stuck in my head all the time: ‘we need the rain.’  In addition to all the awesome fruit, there are a couple of places along the way that have some really great ‘extras’. For instance you can get garlic ice cream (or even chocolate-garlic ice cream) if you want to try that. I’m not gonna lie, it’s not for me….but, they also sell these other amazing ice cream treats. They’re kind of like a Magnum or Hagen Das, but home made. The ice cream is home made and then that is dipped in chocolate, and then rolled in roasted almonds. Oh. My. Goodness. It’s worth the drive I promise.  

I love this planter!

I could go on and on, but I think that’s enough food wisdom for now.

Until next week….

The cancer update

It’s a Wednesday, so I’m definitely late with this update, my apologies to you, my readers.  Last week was the first time in a very long time that we did not have to drive up to Stanford for appointments and I had every intention of getting a blog out, but it just didn’t happen. I do have cancer after all, and I’m supposed to be taking it easy. I was not taking it easy. When you’re gone as much as we are, you spend your time at home playing catch up. Catching up with the housework, the laundry, the mail, the bills, the yard work, your friends. Everything. And I love every minute of it, it’s all a blessing at this point.

And then because of the Memorial Day holiday, my appointment was on Tuesday instead of Monday. One more day of rest for my veins – they needed it!

It was another great appointment. First they took my blood, just to make sure my body is tolerating this new drug. And yes, everything looked good.  My veins were indeed happy to have last week off from being poked so the blood draw was a little easier this time. I ran my standard laps around the CTRU (the lab in Stanford where I get my blood drawn) to get warmed up and get my blood pumping. Don’t make fun, this is what seems to work for me. Then we met with Dr. Meyer, he’s my Bone Marrow Transplant Dr., he is just such a very friendly and caring Dr. He makes me feel like everything is going to be all right. He was able to clear up a few questions we had about the pending transplant. My sister is a match, so that’s really awesome. It’s very strange (wonderful?) how little I worry about any of this. I mean, I have cancer. I should probably be worried, but I’m not. I’ve been trusting God through all of this that he will take care of everything, and he really has (Stanford? what a blessing that place has been!). I think when Dr. Meyer first mentioned the Bone Marrow transplant using a donor this time around, I had a slight twinge of ‘oh no – what if they can’t find a match?’ But then I told myself immediately that was not something I needed to worry about quite yet. And before it even became any kind of an issue they had found that my sister was a perfect match, plus four strangers on the donor registration who are also a perfect match. What a miracle. What a blessing.

To be continued….

6 thoughts on “Celia’s Mexican Restaurant.

  1. Tricia the Mexican food review was great but I am really happy to hear that Gina is a match plus four others!!!! I am still in the transplant registry for bone marrow from Henry…. iv never been called in 25 years so to hear that you have 4 perfect matches plus Gina is incredible!!! Love you sister!

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  2. ❤️ you and It’s so encouraging to hear that you are trusting in God…I shouldn’t worry about the small stuff when you are trusting with something so huge. You’re such a great example!

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  3. I love food too so enjoy reading about all the great little restaurant finds. Happy to get an update and grateful for those little breaks for your veins and you too. You are amazing and prayers for you as you continue this journey. ❤️

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